Originally formed in 1875 the club thrived for over 50 years before the sport disappeared from the town around the 1930s, re-formed in 2013 the club is once again on the rise. We are a Community Amateur Sports Club and associate member of Cricket Scotland based in Callander, currently with no home ground we are very much a nomadic club but we aim to #BringCallanderCricketHome with a current proposal being put through which will hopefully give us a home back in the town in the next few years.  
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In 2014 Callander made its full season debut in the Strathmore & Perthshire Cricket Union league and we play in the 2nd Division.

We have a 1st Team, Junior section know as The Centurions, Women and Girls team known as The Valkyries and Disability Cricket.  Membership is open to all, so if you want to introduce your kids to the game or just indulge your own passion then come along and join.

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Adults - £80 

Valkyries - £60

Centurions/Junior Valkyrie - £50

                        Concession - £25 contact us to see if you qualify

Non-Playing - £15